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Our destination management platform streamlines tour and activity bookings for your destination. Allow travelers to book with you!

Destination management is a very important part of the tourism industry. The destination management company (DMC) as the name indicates a professional management company specialized in a destination, the destination can be a city, region, or country.

A Destination Management Company (DMC) is specialized in the implementation and the processing of events related to the MICE sector (Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Exhibitions).

A Destination Management Company (DMC) specializes in corporate event management, which includes the delivery of events, tours, staffing, and transport, utilizing extensive knowledge, expertise, and resources.

What is Destination Management?

FlightsLogic provides a destination management company software that includes a comprehensive set of easily customizable business rules that adapt to the way you run your business.

It is a DMC software that offers centralized management, simplified processes, and improved operational productivity.

We are a Destination Management Company, also known as DMC, is a company that provides services, resources, and expertise specializing in local knowledge for events, activities, and tours for other companies.

FlightsLogic is a Destination Management Company. We have been servicing associations, corporations, and agencies in 100+ destinations throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America, and South America for more than a decade.

With our extensive local expertise, creativity, and resources, we specialize in designing and executing your event objectives from logistics to exclusive high-end programs.

Our inventory and distribution application successfully understands all the features needed by Destination Management Companies who need a way to manage availability, inventory, and prices.

Our robust DMC software module empowers DMCs to build complex travel products with dynamic inventory availability and price accuracy.

DMCs' services can include:
  • Meeting & conference management
  • Special events
  • Program logistics
  • Local tours & excursions
  • Transportation logistics
  • Event production
Why is Destination Management Important?

FlightsLogic handles everything smoothly for Destination Management Companies right from managing clients to supplier chain along with promoting your destination and creating itineraries for various purposes be it group travel, MICE, or even FIT.

Our software is designed to handle all of it from the moment you get a lead and everything in between be it booking, allocation, organizing, handling finances to report analysis, and profitability.

FlightsLogic provides the best travel software solutions for Destination Management Companies. We provide the best Destination Management Software which enables the destination management company to manage their tours easily.

We give destination management software to both companies and customers, which facilitates the development of destination management for companies and customize travel and tourism planning for customers.

FlightsLogic provides an enterprise software solution customized for destination management companies. We provide a comprehensive set of easily customizable business rules that adapt to the way you run your business.

Our DMC software solution gives you the ability to manage accommodation, holiday packages, tours & activities, car rentals, and transfers along with miscellaneous and offline services.

You can sell to both travel agents and/ or end-users at different prices depending on your business requirements.

Our DMC software solution will aid you to find out your best selling travel agents, so you can give higher commission and incentives to encourage more sales.

Our wide variety of Business Intelligence reports give you information on the predefined margin as well as the real margin for profit.

Our DMC software solution is designed to be powerful and secure. You will have the power to assign different security roles and control access to sensitive information.

We have developed our system in tight cooperation with the travel industry to evolve the core requirements and technology a DMC needs to function efficiently.

Features Of Destination Management Software

Our Destination Management Solution reshapes the way you deliver travel services to clients

With Our Solution, The DMCs Can

Our DMC Software is an advanced solution designed for DMC businesses to grow top-line and bottom-line sustainably in a highly saturated market.

Our destination management software allows the destination management companies to handle the tour from scratch till the end of the tour cycle includes profitable accounting to all the levels of business.

Our DMS is a complete travel content distribution and management system, which offers DMC’s (Destination Management Company) multi-product online booking engine with an integrated system into their existing portal or website.

We also provide a brand-new travel portal or redesign for your existing DMC website, with our CMS, it will be easy for you to highlight locations, hot deals, event details, featured promotions, and much more.

We provide destination management software development that enables companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel booking website that goes well beyond customer expectations.

We deliver the most robust destination management software to help your company stay productive, without charging you extra.

Our value-added technology solutions are integrated into each travel management program and customized to be a perfect fit for your company.

We strive to provide the highest quality of service while applying industry-leading technology to drive efficiencies, program compliance, and overall cost reduction.

We build up the customer service search experience and provide them with an option of choosing the best from a wide variety of products.

We’re the best-in-class personalized destination management software company creating fully customized and ready to use software solution for the industry.

We quest to dramatically enhance efficiency, improve customer experience and generate higher profits by creating software depending on your requirements.

Our industry knowledge and the high level of technical competency within our team enable us to operate confidently alongside all organizational functions.

Our simple and results-focused approach provoke trust and respect from technical staff, management, and key decision-makers alike.

The Destination Management System allows you to aggregate your properties in one single online portal
Maximize Your Profits

More direct bookings, zero commissions.

Maximize More Reservations

Create promotions and special offers for those who book through the portal.

Multiple Properties. Single Search

Show your complete offering by centralizing the availability of all your properties in one single search system to increase your direct reservations.

The Power Of Many

In case the original search made by the user displays no availability, by aggregating multiple properties in a centralized reservation system, you can suggest alternative solutions in one of your other venues.

A Destination Management System (DMS) Enables You To Market Your Destination With The Visitor In Mind

A destination management system is at its very heart a system that helps a company market and sells a destination. The DMS is designed to provide comprehensive information for the visitor about all aspects of their holiday including accommodation, attractions, and events.

Destination Management Systems are systems that consolidate and distribute a comprehensive range of tourism products through a variety of channels and platforms, generally catering for a specific region, and supporting the activities of a destination management organization within that region.

FlightsLogic's DMS is a complete Travel Content Management and Distribution Platform. This platform will provide DMOs multi-product online booking engine, seamlessly integrated into their existing website.

A DMS provides a ground service founded on local knowledge of their given terminal. These facilities can be in the shape of transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurants, activities, excursions, conference venues, themed events, gala dinners and logistics, meetings, incentive schemes as well as helping with overcoming language barriers. These functions usually executed by travel agents and tour operators.

Why Choose FlightsLogic For Destination Management Software?

FlightsLogic is one of the leading Destination Management Company Software which provides customized solution to its clients.

Our DMC management software can manage B2B travel business by providing a suite of custom features to its associated tour operators, travel agencies, and other clients.

Our Destination Management Software Solution helps to find out best selling travel agents, so you can offer them more commission and incentives to encourage more sales.

FlightsLogic provide you the following


The tourism industry is considered to be one of the most successful applications of e-commerce. Today Destination Management Systems (DMSs) are effectively used practically in all Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) to provide both internal and external functions, such as financial management, performance management, and evaluation, customer relationship management, etc.

In order to succeed in the competitive market, it is very important to take into consideration the major critical success factors (systematic promotion of cultural events, richness of culture, heritage, history, and traditions, etc.) and innovative applications that can be employed by destinations.

Thus, if you are looking for a DMC management software that can help you improvise your business and get the maximum benefit out of it, you must have a look at FlightsLogic. It is a complete business solution to the Destination Management Companies (DMCs).