Fleet Management

Enhance Your fleet Operations with Robust Fleet Management Software to track & monitor your fleet.

Fleet Management - Secure : Scalable : Simplified

FlightsLogic helps to manage your truck fleet and other vehicle fleet tracking with our fleet maintenance software.

Fleet management software is an application that aids companies organize, manage, and synchronize work vehicles from a central information system to keep the comprehensive fleet operation running smoothly.

Fleet management aims to enhance performance, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations.

A fleet management software serves that purpose by providing fleet managers the right tools and insights to manage their fleet effectively and efficiently.

Fleet management software provides visibility into vehicles' locations and several operational parameters, including vehicles' conditions and fuel consumption patterns, and allows gaining insight into drivers' behavior.

In fundamental terms, fleet management software is designed to perform a diverse set of tasks regarding all of the vehicles your company is using.

It can, among other things, help control costs, improve efficiency, keep drivers accountable, and generally help companies make sense of how their vehicles fit into the bigger picture of their business operations.

Since industries of all kinds rely on cars, trucks, vans, and the like to deliver their goods, fleet management software is adopted by companies of all kinds and sizes.

Fleet Management Software To Simplify Your Operations

FlightsLogic's state-of-the-art fleet management software is error-free, reliable user-friendly, and includes powerful reporting integrations to help you keep your operations safe, your vehicles in shape, and your budgets.

Whether you’re managing a fast-moving, high-volume fleet or making long hauls to remote locations, our fleet management software provides you robust insights in an intuitive interface to keep your business moving.

Implementing our fleet management software is necessary for all types of businesses that rely on the use of their vehicles.

With the right fleet solution and tools at your fingertips, such as GPS route planning and vehicle maintenance management, you can reduce running costs and maximize the performance of your fleet operations.

Our Fleet Management Solution helps you track vehicles through GPS tracking system on duty, driver performance, fuel consumption, and route monitoring real-time, through a secured and user-friendly web/ mobile interface.

With our steady services, you can focus on your core business requirements and be well on the journey of increased productivity and profitability.

Our Fleet management software solutions are scalable and flexible to integrate with your complete business, adaptable to boost fleet efficiency, and helps in monitoring end-to-end fleet operations.

Our vehicle & fleet management system includes real-time GPS fleet tracking, vehicle maintenance, trip scheduling, driver oversight, and more.

With FlightsLogic, you will get insights into your fleet without performing any tedious tasks. We come with capable features that help fleet managers in planning, monitoring, and analyzing fleet operations effortlessly.

Our fleet management system makes it easy for you to set up national and global fleets while encouraging your drivers to self-serve and streamline mileage reporting and day-to-day maintenance.

What Is The Purpose Of Fleet Management?

Any organization that uses vehicles within its business must have a type of professional fleet management. This makes sure the control of commercial vehicles while helping to lower associated risk, improve efficiency and productivity, and make sure compliance with legislation.

Our system provides a comprehensive range of features and is designed to work for organizations with a handful of devices up to those with many hundreds of assets.

Who Uses Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is used in a broad range of industries, such as trucking, field services, utilities, oil and gas, mining, construction, local delivery, governments, and passenger transit.

Any business that uses commercial vehicles as part of a mobile workforce can avail of fleet management software.

Moreover, businesses of all sizes and types can use fleet management software — from small family-owned operations to large global enterprises.

Within these businesses, fleet management software is used by a vast range of job functions, including business owners, fleet managers, dispatchers, and safety managers.

Although, fleet management systems are mainly used by fleet managers.

Fleet Management With Real-Time GPS Tracking And With Full Insights On Fleet Productivity And Efficiency.

FlightsLogic has experience in fleet management system development services building GPS fleet tracking software to monitor performance and boost fleet efficiency.

We help fleet management companies create fleet tracking solutions to operate innovation, simplify operations, and enhance cost efficiency, ensuring they can win in the market.

We provide the industry’s most advanced fleet management and asset tracking platform. The fleet management software is easy for you to use and navigate, providing you with real-time visibility and operational control of your fleet activity.

FlightsLogic is designed for small and large business fleet owners. Our solution aids with vehicle management, fuel management, driver management, expense management, and other functions specific to fleets.

Our intuitive web and mobile applications can help you make informed decisions about your fleet's health and performance.

When it comes to fleet management, the best solution is one that offers you all the insight you need, making everything clear and easy to understand.

A good fleet management software provides the ability to track, monitor, and service all of your vehicles at the time, giving you a detailed, timely view of your fleet.

By integrating good fleet management software with GPS systems, you can streamline and increase the efficiency of your operations.

Main Modules Of Fleet Management Software
Vehicles Maintenance

Collect information on vehicle performance from in-vehicle devices like the Engine Control Module (ECM), then schedule maintenance based on automated reminders and inspection reports.

Fuel Management

It helps businesses to analyze, monitor, and optimize fuel expenses. It facilitates to Log fuel or connects your fuel cards to optimize the operating costs.

Trip Tracking

The Fleet solutions also help in detecting any issue that arises with vehicles. It simplifies you to instantly respond to the field members and record every detail.

Maintain Reports

The fleet solution collects all the necessary pieces of data and provides an entire service history report for every asset in your fleet.

Preventative Maintenance

Get notification in advance for any of the maintenance tasks such as oil changes, mileage service intervals, brakes, and more.

Inspections & Compliance

The fleet system also enables you to maintain compliance with digital inspections and issue management systems.

Manage Your Inventory

Easily manage all your devices with inventory management. It allows managing to sell, purchasing and returning data on the same platform.

Easy Payment Module

Users can make payments to their parent user. The module offers options for billing, invoice, and downloading payment reports.

Mark Your Geofence/ POI

Create a virtual boundary or point for any important place for future use. It can help you know when the fleet enters or exits the place.

Effective Fleet Data Collection

Through API developers will be able to integrate with third-party or internal systems. A client can get their information from the server with the push and pull method.

RPM Monitoring

Monitor the operation speed of the fleet at a particular time. It helps to know the performance of the fleet.

Classify Your Trip

Allows classification of a trip into 4 various categories which are business, classified, unclassified and invalid. Know the trip type, duration, and distance in the trip classification report.

Reasons To Choose FlightsLogic Platform For Fleet Management
All-In-One Platform

Get a single view of all asset types - trucks, trailers, reefers, and containers - in one place.

Powerful Intelligence

Use deep data to make fleet management decisions to conform with regulations, increase safety, save money on fuel, and boost productivity.

Flexible and Configurable

Unlock data for every user in your organization who can configure and customize the data they want to see and how they want to view it.

Open and Scalable

Integrates with hardware devices, in-cab displays, internal back-end systems, and external transport management systems.

Live and Historical Reporting

Incorporate driver, vehicle, trip, sensor, alarm, and location data to produce real-time and historical insights.

What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Management?

Fleet management software is a powerful solution to help keep your fleet of vehicles and drivers well-managed, with the option for future growth and sustainability.

There are numerous benefits to deploying a fleet management system to help empower fleet processes, ranging from effective vehicle maintenance to improving driver behavior.

Key benefits include

Managing The Fleet Of Tomorrow, Today

A fleet management system can serve to enhance the bottom line of any business that needs to employ a fleet of vehicles. Our fleet solutions assist you to save time and money while increasing efficiencies.

At FlightsLogic, we have outstanding experience in creating fleet management solutions, from GPS tracking apps to complex systems that can cover the needs of large transportation enterprises.

We can offer an in-depth analysis of your business that will help us find software solutions to your issues and establish a comprehensive software solution from scratch.

As an option, we can expand your current system's functionality by developing and integrating separate functional modules.

Fleet management technology is here to help. And using it today, a fleet operator can derive the benefits of tomorrow, today.

Contact us today to further discuss the ins and outs of what is a fleet management system for your business and the many advantages and opportunities available to save money, increase efficiency, and more.