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Flightslogic is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Flightslogic platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Flightslogic develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Impact of Global Distribution Systems on Travel Agencies Business Efficiency

We specialize in integrating global distribution systems and we have worked successfully on GDS systems such as Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, Travelport, etc.



Looking for Travel Booking Software? We offer a fully flexible Travel Reservation System integrated with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and many others.


FlightsLogic sets up GDS software for IATA approved travel agencies so that they can sell the tickets directly online through their B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and B2B2B portal interface. Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus, and Worldspan are the main GDSs and they offer a comprehensive travel eCommerce system and reservation platform to OTAs worldwide.

A GDS, Global Distribution System can link services, rates and reservations consolidating products and services across all three travel sectors especially bookings in airlines, hotels, car rentals, and activities.

A real-time link is provided by GDS to the vendor’s direct database. It holds no inventory. With the help of a single GDS software, a travel agent can book flights, hotels, attractions, sightseeing, transfers, and car services.


Why Do Travel Agents Need Access to GDS Systems like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, Abacus, Pegasus, and Travelport?


The Global Distribution System was originally developed to help travel agents (worldwide) track of flight schedules, availability and price, and book travel.

Years later, the GDS, has evolved into a system through which travel agents and travel websites can provide travelers with complete travel packages.

FlightsLogic in association with Pegasus has changed this scenario by offering its partner hotels Free GDS connectivity to the leading global distribution systems - Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan through the Pegasus Switch.

Hotels who sign up for the FlightsLogic solution can now reach 99% of the world’s travel agents free of cost.   


The major GDS systems are as follows:


• Amadeus

• Sabre

• Galileo

• Worldspan

• Pegasus

• Abacus

• Travelport




Amadeus is a multi-GDS service that shares your inventory and content with the world's global distribution systems. GDS or Global Distribution System refers to the reservation tool travel agents use when making an airline, hotel, car or other travel service booking. Galileo GDS is a computer reservations system owned by Travelport.

Other than the airline reservations, the Galileo CRS is also used to book train travel, car rental, and hotel rooms. Our Galileo GDS system is one of the highly sophisticated Global Distribution Systems used so far.

Using simple XML infrastructure and protocols, this system will reduce the cost incurred by hardware and telecommunication systems. It will also help you in reducing the cost of support and development costs by using the knowledge of Galileo GDS commands.

Our expert team of GDS developers shall deliver integrated XML solutions to seamlessly merge with the existing solutions. In the airline system, the Galileo system plays the main commanding role. It is connected to almost every airline reservation systems of the leading airlines.

It gives us desktop solutions as well as Web Services XML to allow the connection with the core database. Our Galileo GDS system gives you access to the worldwide low-cost carriers high-speed rail providers and multi-source content by using a single API.

With the help of our Amadeus GDS system integration, we will be able to take your travel services to a unique and distinctive marketplace where you can meet potential clients from all over the world.

Amadeus provides the biggest of all the GDSs. It allows the travel agency to compile the various requirements of the travelers; budget-conscious to high-yield business flyers. Do you want to open a new window for your travel business? If yes, we help you move ahead. Get in touch with us to know more.

FlightsLogic integrates Amadeus GDS to deliver sophisticated travel software solutions to the global travel companies. Our advanced team of Amadeus GDS developers will help you to identify your business opportunities and improve it across the Amadeus marketplace.

By gaining our Amadeus GDS to your travel business will let you gain performance review reports. Gone are those days, when you have to stand in a long queue to book your tickets for travel. Now, the internet has occupied the place and enables you to collect information from the largest inventory worldwide.

You can check the availability, prices, and offers of several airlines for the same route, date and time, book hotels and all travel-related information to make an ideal travel itinerary within a short period of time, sitting on your comfortable bed at your home.

Global Distribution System has brought revolution in the travel industry.

It acts as an intermedium between travel product distribution channels and travel service suppliers. It connects the travel agencies with a large inventory of airlines, hotels, car rental, and many more services. 

The Amadeus GDS initially focused on reservations, inventory, and pricing offered by the provider (airlines) to end-users and travel agents.

PNR (Passenger Name Record) contains all the information related to a booking that exists on the GDS. With time PNR concept was expanded to accommodate other travel industry entities like hotels, car and rail bookings.

Our Amadeus GDS basically provides real-time inventory search (seat/booking availability), fare quote, booking, and ticketing services to the customers. FlightsLogic enables web services API (Application Programming Interface) which is integrated into individual web applications and travel portals to enable them to access Amadeus functionalities via XML information.

Our Amadeus GDS is one of the major three global distribution systems and can be of service to hotels through enhanced distribution. Connecting your hotel to the GDS system will allow travel agents to access live inventory information, enabling them to sell rooms in your property to their customers.

GDS or Global Distribution Systems are the core of all the reservation and distribution systems used by online and offline travel companies across the world. It was initially aimed at improving the airline reservation system, but now GDS is widely used for booking hotels, airline flights, railway, cars, and insurance.

Our Amadeus GDS for both flights and Hotels will help your travel business to access a wide variety of online sales channels and travel products, improving your online sales strategy.

FlightsLogic, being a leading Amadeus system development company, integrates Amadeus GDS to deliver the best in class travel software to global travel management companies.

We link-up Amadeus GDS to access the inventory for flights, hotels, transfers, and cruise through web services given by Amadeus.

Customer’s credentials are used for authentication and data processing. As a travel technology company, we offer custom travel software with B2C, B2C, corporate module and white-label.

Amadeus software has the maximum capability and quality to succeed in the long go, not only because it's an advanced travel management system, but also its diversity in aggregating the travel contents




Sabre GDS system develops power travel applications by providing comprehensive end-to-end services to the developers. It permits the growth of your business by the implementation of the most relevant technological expertise. It gives access to flexible and various services.

It allows the developers to develop and test the applications using Sabre APIs. Sabre GDS system will help you to connect with a worldwide network of more than 4, 25,000 travel agents in 140+ countries.

There are more than a million travel reservation transactions are happening through Sabre GDS software. Our GDS system will let you build the connection between the buyers and sellers.

Sabre GDS is an Online booking system- CRS also known as Global Distribution System- GDS. Sabre as a CRS/GDS company built its reservation platform through which travel & tourism professionals’ access & book travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rentals, transfers, holiday packages, sightseeing) inventories for their clients.

Our Sabre GDS System builds power travel applications by providing comprehensive end-to-end services to the developers. It helps you in growing your business by the implementation of the most relevant technological expertise. It gives access to flexible and various services.

FlightsLogic can easily integrate into the Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre GDS and extend your travel offerings allowing your business to grow. Sabre GDS is a well-known and cost-effective distribution channel that helps airlines, car rental companies, hoteliers to increase their market reach.

FlightsLogic provides Sabre GDS, Sabre GDS software, Sabre GDS system, Sabre XML API Integration, Sabre GDS travel software development services. We at FlightsLogic provide the best Sabre GDS integration services to travel agents and tour operators.

We are specialized in travel portal development, travel software development, travel website development, travel API & GDS integration and much more! Sabre Hotels Module of FlightsLogic enables to search and book accommodations through API of GDS Sabre.

Our company stands out from its competitors, providing lower costs and a well-developed alliance with many established companies. Up to 70% of total reservations in world major travel companies are being performed via GDS Sabre. Sabre GDS commands take care of nearly millions of Sabre bookings per minute during the season.

Sabre GDS tutorial guide will help a travel assistant to understand how Sabre can be used. Assistance can be done with the help of online chat, phone or email.

Sabre travel portal for B2B and B2C organizations are rising high in different countries. Sabre provides a wide variety of Sabre solutions to assist airlines to serve their clients effectively and vend themselves.

Sabre travel is a useful and price-efficient distribution channel that encourages Sabre airlines to expand their business reach to holiday and business travelers. Sabre Air APIs contain the seats available and flight timings, cheap fare flights, cost revision, and online ticketing.

Sabre flight API offers everything that requires real-time flight booking. The Sabre online login is serving Sabre global clients with real-time assistance 24/7.




Galileo is a part of the Travelport Company. In addition to airlines Galileo can be used to book trains, and car rental and hotel rooms.

FlightsLogic is one of the world’s largest travel content aggregators and distributors, and a leading provider of critical transaction processing solutions, FlightsLogic powers the travel industry on a global scale by bringing together the buyers and sellers through an agency, online and corporate travel channels.

FlightsLogic is predominantly a global distribution system (GDS) business, which operates in approximately 170 countries and includes the internationally recognized Worldspan GDS and Galileo GDS platforms


Basic flight module features of Galileo GDS:


• Search for one-way flights

• Search for round way flights

• Search for flights by city or airport

• Search by departure/arrival time, air carrier, class, dates, etc.

• Filter flight search results by price

• View flight fares

• Work with confidential tariffs

• Book airline tickets

• Search for the air ticket by using tourist name and flight carrier

• Cancel airline tickets

• Use Frequent-flyer programs (FFP)


With FlightsLogic’s Galileo GDS, travel agencies and corporate companies can aggregate their business with more developed and wide selections of travel contents which can be used for booking of flights with real-time flight data, availability, and new offers.

Network airlines FlightsLogic Platform can get connected with new API technologies through proven industry standards. Airlines can start sharing and promoting their unique content with FlightsLogic registered travel agents, corporate travel buyers and travel developers who want to access airline inventory.

Low-cost carriers can use Galileo GDS, which can be connected via API technologies. Low-cost carriers can promote their content with travel agencies, corporate travelers and leisure travelers who are searching now to book low-cost airlines.

FlightsLogic Galileo GDS for a hotel is one of the popular hotel reservation system, which can be used effectively by independent hoteliers, a global chain of hotels and boutique properties. Our platform allows independent and chain of hotels to get connected with worldwide travel agencies, corporate travelers and global travel buyers.

Our hotel web-service is connected with more than thousands of hotel properties connect through FlightsLogic to travel agencies all over the world.

Independent and boutique hotels can easily be get connected with the travel commerce platform of FlightsLogic, which is the most effective and convenient way for hoteliers to integrate their properties and get directly connected with all travel agencies worldwide.

Galileo GDS Car rental platform can help travel agencies and corporate travelers to book with huge selection of cars of different classes and categories. Our car rental platform is the best way for car rental suppliers to rent their fleets global travel agencies and corporate travelers.

Galileo helps car rental owners to make their fleets and services globally accessible through our developer to integrate into our own travel API, applications and websites.

The international car rental industry is expanding across the globe both online and offline.  Galileo API enables travel portals to get the best service providers by their side to showcase their efficient portal services, which in turn will also bring heavy traffic to the website.

Galileo API can be used for the availability and reservation of cars, hotels, and airlines. Our Galileo's Flight API Integration will help you to connect with all the leading airlines all over the world.

Welcome to the FlightsLogic website, the partner of Galileo XML API Integration. Our specialized team provides the best XML API integration, according to your necessities. We have a strong and safe mapping with static data and it will also help in moving the volume of XML API integration.

Our travel supplier provides XML API Integration with a specialized team attached to perform the required tasks. Our team can help you with XML/API integration services with multiple suppliers available in the world market.

We can help you in implementing XML out functionality for your travel portal, which will help you expand your business. We offer dedicated support with maintenance and with regular updates related to already implement XML API.

We have experience in XML API Integration systems, which includes all types of different XML/JSON integration from various kinds of XML API Suppliers.

FlightsLogic’s Galileo GDS System will reduce the value incurred via hardware and telecommunication systems. It also helps in reducing the cost of aid and development charges the way you use the expertise of Galileo GDS instructions.

Our advanced group of GDS developers shall deliver incorporated XML solutions to seamlessly merge with the prevailing solutions. And in Amadeus GDS software it will take your travel benefaction to a completely unique and creative marketplace where you could meet the potential clients from everywhere in the world.

Amadeus provides the largest of all of the GDS’s that are available in the market. It allows the travel enterprise to compile the different requirements of the travelers; finances-aware to high-yield enterprise flyers. The process for one reservation takes between 1 and a half hours to 3 hours.

The modern GDS system progressed from this early labor-intensive manual system, thanks to the collaborative team efforts of American Airlines (AA) and IBM.




Worldspan is a Travelport platform which is the technology leader in Web-based travel e-commerce.  It provides solutions for conducting all facets of the travel business in the online channel.

Worldspan offers travel distribution, technologies, and services for thousands of travel companies globally. Worldspan transforms global travel distribution with lower pricing, shopping, and booking technologies.

And also, a portfolio of interactive shopping tools that help travel companies to reduce costs, increase productivity and build revenues. Worldspan is a good provider of travel technology and content.

The Worldspan travel software offers e-distribution and travel information, products and connectivity along with e-commerce capabilities.

These features are mainly designed for the travel agencies, travel service providers and travel corporations. The primary system is known as Worldspan global distribution system and facilitates online airline booking, online hotel booking, online car-rental booking, online bus booking, online rail booking, and many other services.

FlightsLogic is a travel technology company that facilitates the travel agencies and the travel management companies in the process of developing a CRS (central reservation system) by integrating with the Worldspan GDS.

The admin, CRM, and the custom reporting module help in the easy working of the travel agency software and complete various transactions. Worldspan travel software acts as a single source for providing travel deals and data all over the world.

The travel agencies and travel companies all over the world have got great benefits from Worldspan travel.

This is mainly because the integration of Worldspan travel software enables the travel agents to enhance the customer experience by providing information like rates, inventory, discount, room and description which is done on a real-time basis.

Most travel companies and travel agents around the world use Worldspan as a reason it replaced the traditional methods used for booking the travel requirements which included airline reservation, hotel booking, rail booking, car-rental booking and many more.

The Worldspan travel software helps in connecting to the leading travel service providers across the world and provides travelers with choosing from various options.

Worldspan GDS integration by FlightsLogic helps our customers to display the inventory data, maintained through a schedule distribution system of FlightsLogic through standardized B2C or B2B channels.

With Worldspan travel network travel agencies can get a large selection of airlines with great offers with real-time availability of seats, fare changes and status of flights.

It is the most sophisticated way for Travel agencies to display availability, prices, fare rules and routings, schedules, seat maps, flight information, and PNRs directly.

By integrating Worldspan GDS in travel agency's applications or websites can help travelers to get the lowest price carrier.


Benefits of Worldspan GDS system implementation


• Executing the aspects of expansion, flexibility, and collaboration through technological implementation.

• The various types of online reservation procedures include airline booking, hotel booking, rail booking, car-rental, vacations, etc.

• Executing a Worldspan GDS software in the travel agency software business helps in decreasing the implementation cost.

• Worldspan airline booking system helps in increasing the revenue and developing a brand name for the organization.




Travelport is one of the world’s biggest and most geographically diverse travel companies is dedicated to developing exceptional travel experiences the world demands. Global distribution system (GDS) is a network controlled by a company that offers automated transactions between travel agencies and travel service providers.

Travelport is one of the GDS systems who can offer you to search and book flight tickets. Off-course this is a b2b platform so it's only open for business entities and not end consumers.

Travelport system helps travel providers, travel agencies, corporations and developers to search, share, buy and sell travel. This increases the profit and drives commercial success for every client in our B2B travel network.

Combining the Travelport GDS system brings the below-mentioned benefits to global travel agencies. Instant access to travel offers in real-time connection of web services for B2C and B2B modules enhance the performance of the company and will help in the growth of your company.

FlightsLogic is an award-winning travel Technology Company, delivering B2B / B2C travel software, and travel CRM  to global travel & hospitality companies. We work with more than forty top travel aggregators, global distribution systems, channel managers and DMCs.

With the prime focus on technology‚ unique methodology and innovation, we make sure quality products and speedy turnaround to develop and deliver scalable travel portals and reservation systems.

The Travelport GDS software earned its market position by creating a much versatile and intuitive way of managing your travel bookings. In the modern travel management industry, you need to broaden your travel utilities to meet even more uplifting challenges.

Using cutting edge technology and pure web services, FlightsLogic has developed a wealth of experience in delivering fully scalable, high-performance travel software solutions and booking engines to leading organizations and make use of the newest technologies available in order to meet the growing demand for fast, efficient and effective travel solutions.

No other travel technology solutions provider gives such a wide range of booking solutions for Online Travel Agencies with the most affordable packages available in the market.

Travelport GDS system can help you to search and book airlines. Off-course this is a b2b platform so it's only open for business entities and not end consumers




• Different admin access to setup global configurations settings and manage Customers, CMS Pages.

• Advanced Filters & Sorting methods on listing to achieve a rich user interface.

• TripAdvisor Hotel Guest Reviews integration.

• Supports all major browsers.

• One-time cost.

• Solutions customized for your specific application.

• SEO friendly for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

• Google Site map contains more than 1, 50,000 Hotels URLs.

FlightsLogic brings together the best travel suppliers, GDS, and consolidator inventory to provide unparalleled content. FlightsLogic’s API makes connecting to multiple GDS.

Thus, allowing you to focus on building your brand and selling your services while simplifying the conversion path for your clients.




Abacus is a global distribution system (GDS) only used by travel agencies in Asia. It is owned by Abacus International Private Ltd., which is headquartered in Singapore and which is owned by Sabre Holdings and eleven Asian airlines.

Abacus is the leading provider of travel solutions and services in the whole of Asia Pacific.

Being born and bred in Asia we know all the market requirements of the Asia Pacific. This attribute has helped us in broadening the distribution of travel content from hundreds of travel suppliers.

Which includes airlines, hotels, car rentals and insurance providers. Abacus travel software has given a new dimension to the travel mediators like travel agents, tour operators, and booking system operators.

Abacus GDS (global distribution system) and Abacus API integration help the travel agencies to enjoy enhanced productivity and efficiency for the purpose of meeting the business needs.


Features of Abacus GDS system:


• Powerful search capability and sorting functionality

• Unique capability of rate negotiation

• Convenient Geo-coding

• Graphical user interface in an enhanced form

• Enhanced potential commission

• Seamless integration


Features of Abacus hotel system software:


Abacus hotel is one of the elements of Abacus travel software and comprises of 100, 000 hotel properties that are spread all across the world. The features associated with Abacus hotel include

• Real-time room availability

• Comprehensive room rate

• Instant room confirmation

• Connectivity which is available 24/7

• Direct connect availability

• direct connect shop

Innovative technological execution has helped Abacus travel software as the foremost choice of travel agencies and travel companies. 


Benefits of Abacus Global Distribution System:


• Abacus travel software improves the sales for the travel agencies and the travel companies

• The inventories are adjusted accordingly, letting the travel agencies to know the products available for sale

• With the help of real-time reporting, you will be able to manage inventories.

• The travel agencies have the benefit of customizing the solution

• Helps in increase revenue and bring in repeated business




The Pegasus booking Platform is developed to simplify hotelier’s lives by providing management of all distribution channels in one location. Our network spans hundreds of demand channels to make sure your availability is marketed everywhere.

• Direct connections with key OTAs to include Expedia and

• Connections to all GDS 

• Connections to the other OTAs via other distribution partners such as DHISCO

• Integrations with all key channel managers

• Direct guests via phone and internet booking engine applications


Pegasus is one system built to power and dynamically manage availability, rates, and inventory across all your channels at the click of a button. The Pegasus booking Platform is a SaaS application.

So, it offers market-leading scalability and flexibility to dynamically manage ARI ensuring your rooms are always marketed and competitive across all global channels. 

Our software provides robust and expansive rate management capabilities that enable both simple and the most sophisticated of users the capabilities they need to rapidly offer discounted or new rates, group packages, and flexible group options.

Intelligent rate management tools and powerful pricing algorithms differentiate our reservations platform from standard channel managers, booking engines and other central reservations systems.

Our chain-level controls are second-to-none, offering head office managers the ability to control ARI, rules and quickly disseminate new ARI information globally in an instant.

Connectivity solutions only work so far as the reliability of the technology which underpins them. We have invested significantly in scalability and reliability for decades, helping cement our solutions as the standard-bearers in these capabilities.

Our proven technology is critical in a mobile-first world where look-to-book ratios are growing exponentially, creating an unprecedented risk to your business. Reliability, scalability, and response time matter.

Time is money - downtime and slow response times translate into significant revenue impacts.  Pegasus as the single largest processor of electronic hotel transactions, offer advanced and affordable connectivity and distribution solutions to nearly 100,000 hotels around the world.

Pegasus draws upon a rich pedigree to singularly focus on what hotels expect and the needs of their bookings and reservation solutions. Today’s competitive market requires travel agencies to maximize every revenue opportunity and control costs to an even larger extent.

Pegasus Commission Processing makes it happen, providing the most comprehensive, technologically advanced commission processing service in the market. Cuts in airline commissions continue to decrease agency revenues—making non-air commissions even more eminent.

But tracking, reporting and reconciling commissions is tedious and labor-intensive—leaving you little time to serve clients and develop your business.

Pegasus facilitates travel agencies small and big around the world in offering global consolidated hotel commission payment and reconciliation services.

Pegasus offers detailed commission payment and status information such as no-shows or cancellations on all of the Pegasus hotel reservations.

Our experienced team with great partners and happy clients over the years has inspired and pushed us along the line to offer a technology-driven and smart online platform wherein we can fill the gaps that you can think and imagine of getting any travel-related service.



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